Vernon L. Davey School
East Orange, NJ
1942 Yearbook

Note: Posted 12/25/10 - Edith Kassakian is seeking information about classmate Doris Bennett, both shown on Page 15. Anyone with information, please e-mail and I will assist you to get in touch with Edith.

  Our Best Guesses
Reading Names
Page 1
Andrew Lione
Eileen Ciurczak
Madeleine Grady
Joyce Mulligan
Lola Duryea
Jan Sanchez "42"
Marian Lambusta "42"
John Pruirtt
Emily Rocco
Mary Rocco "42"


Page 2
Carolyn Simonini
Mary Jane Fersch "42"
Joseph Clark
Louise Palazza
Marcelette Parker "42"
Ruth Schafer "42"
Geraldine Pace "42"
Donald Muller
Lucy Maitilasso "42"
Marie La Salle "42"


Page 3
Ida Schito "42"
Elsie Barfuss
Marjorie Bradshaw
Betty Spitzer
Constance Cavallo
Josephine Tarullo "42"
Virginia Maskaleiss
Raymond Fredwreck
Joe Burns
Carmen Culafiore


Page 4
Philip West
Celeste Volpe
Donald Stalker
Pat McAleny
Dolores Brennan
Donald Capp
Betty Clarke
Bill Murrau
(no name)


Page 5
Luella Adams
Frank J. Albanese, Jr.
Peter Paul Araneo, Jr.
Betty Ball
Anita Bowen "42"
Lois Brown
Basil Busichio 9B 42
Fred Cardillo "42"
Vera Cole
Ambrose Donahue


Page 6
Eugene Dyas "42"
Viola Wyas
Rose Lacapante "42"
William Gabelli
Nani Haren "42"
(no pic) Jean Harrison
Gerald Heath
Betty Housekian
Marsha Jones "42"
To a swell teacher - Florence Kirkley


Page 7
Till we meet again, Sincerely yours, Bertram E. Kubyey
Peggy Magliaw 9B1
Dolores McCheeters
Earl Brown
Neal Patrone "42"
Peter Russoniello
Betty Lou Schneider 9B1
Charles Schwartz "Good 9B Luck"
(no pic) Ruth Smack 9B1
Alice Smith 9B1


Page 8
Paul Tobia Best of Luck 42
9B1 Blandre Valentine "16 n"
Prudy Volpicalla
Bill Mateo
Catherine Manuel
Clip Davey
Grace Biunno 9B1
"Micke" Castady


Page 9
1941-42 ADVISEES
"Doc" Vincent Bonomo
Edward Douney
Jerry Cisler
Donald Flagel
Sam Abblirezeo Mirizio
Jack O Neill
Juliun Sponzilli
Angus Terrell
Calvin Thomas


Page 10
Authar Palumba
Richard Kneff
Danny Mauriello
Bennie Bain
Jack McEntee


Page 11


Page 12


Page 13
Mrs. Ward
Thomas Smith
Miss Bird


Page 14
Frank Parissi
Bob Cooke
Bob Wright
Jimmie Miller
Frank Valpasalli
Raymond Ward


Page 15
Camille Marti
Jean Picknally
Doris Bennett
Edith Kassakian
Kathryn Wrigley
Peter Kromayer
Joan Tuttle
Mona Robinson
Joan Cruse
Milton Seifert "42"

Note: Posted 12/25/10 - Edith Kassakian is seeking information about classmate Doris Bennett, both shown on this page. Anyone with information, please e-mail and I will assist you to get in touch with Edith.


Page 16
George Cushnie
Pat Mack
Daisy Mae Eckensburg
Bettye Cutrer
Marilyn Kolhl
Joan Mentz
Jerry Spagnolia


Page 17
Joe Alessi
Betty Mills
Maurice Tortoriello
Edna McGhie
Bob Bell
Grace Sanfilippo
Kathie Kirchgessner
Barbara Bick


Page 18
Pat Kenny
John Meeker
(no pic) Ruthie Trien
Robt. Webber
Angus Terrell
Toni Monica
Joan Vallance
Wonarry Halford
Nat Keleman


Page 19
Marie Mauriello
Bubbles Eleanor Lynch
Marie Parise
Neal Krugar
Bob Yuengling
James Coates 9C F2
Calvin Colabellee
Frank Stapfer
Paul Tondo


Page 20
Anthony Pessuri
Dick Howell
Rosemarie Evangeliate
Frank Sassano
Delsita MacFall
Nick Brovan
Rose Pitch
Fred Jackson
Catheran Scutter*
(*Correct spelling Catherine Scudder
ID by her great nephew
Chris Peterman 7/15/10)


Page 21
Catheran Cantden
Harold Gray
Pat Kavinall
Mildred Guttman
Franklin Pindo
Josephine Wilkes


Page 22
Loretta Smalley
Paul Ducey
James Baxter


Page 23
Betty McManus
Pat Mackaveeni
Shirley Scherman
Margaret Marshall
Pearson Young


Page 24
1941-1942 Autographs

Column 1
Homeroom 58
Carmen Corso
Pat T. Diglore
Doc Vincent Bonomo
Donald Adams
Jhonny Eager
Jerry Fring

Column 2
Frederick R. Larsen
"Good Luck"
Edward Carroll
Tom Ciasullo
Ralph Gamba
Joe Galletta
Victor Farang
Don Fagel

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