Vernon L. Davey School
East Orange, NJ
1939 Yearbook


  Our Best Guesses
Reading Names
Page 1

Mary Sully 1939

Louis Egidio

Jeanette Firucell

Frank Grecco

Chris Grasso

Tessie Russo Nicelo

Jimmy La Manna


Page 2

Michael De Roberts 1939



Page 3

Gertrude Bumpam

Mary McElyness

John Manlay

Gloria Heath

Clarima Holman



Page 4

Anna Kl----k "39"

Antoinette Disimone "39"

Mary Dimaio "39"

Carmela Mosso "39"



Page 5

Dante Cuecinelle 10/3

Thomas Farwell



Page 6

To the best
advisor in VLD
Myron Fulistma

Cornelius Lynch
Class President


Page 7

Pat Votto 10/3

Jerry Frecco

Annette Fuerstman

Madeline Shaw

Ted Harris



Page 8

Wanda Burrough

George Cifelli

Earl Brown

Helen O'Connor

Wendell Bankiton

Helen Neely

Robert Brueno

Reg Morton



Page 9

Tom Kinney 10/3

Phil Caroselli 10/3

Bunkitt Capp

Joe Leone

Anderson (no pic)

Helen Anderson

(Loose Photo)



Page 10

Wendell Thomas

Tho Williams

Joseph Fierro

Constance Scudder
(identified by her great
nephew Chris Peterman

Mildred Trembley


Jeanette Morand



Page 11

Anthony Mazzonna 10/3

Anna Rosati

Frederick Della Salie 10/3

Hirmden Green

Heiny Borfuss

Marie Palazza

Lucy Russoniello



Page 12


Mary Lagrica

If you can identify any of these students, please contact us so we can add names, make corrections, etc. Members of the family and serious genealogists can request full size enlargements of individual photos - no charge.

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