Mr. Goode's Art Project for Cheyney


Mr. Frederick Goode, EOUMB Director, has been studying at Cheyney University for the past few months, working on getting his college degree in the Arts. One of his assignments was to design and build a bench for the college, and today it was unveiled outside the Marcus Foster Student Union Alumni Center.

This is the view from the back of the bench.

Here is the view from the front.

Everyone had to pose with the bench, including (L-R) Miriah and Rosenda Tomlinson, Trumpet player and Clarinet player of the EOUMB, currently going to school in Pennsylvania.

And one final pose with Jacqueline Saez, who now works at Cheyney University as a Bilingual Admissions Counselor, and Assistant Director of the EOUMB back in New Jersey.

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