Shalal Adolphe Transfers to Talladega College

August 2014

Talladega College, in Talladega, Alabama, has accepted Alumnus Shalal Adolphe, who recently transferred there from Cheney University in Pennsylvania.

Shalal is majoring in Music Education. All new band members to a school are called Rookies. The Rookies attend a new member band camp which prepares them for the upper class men and women who return to school for band camp, after the rookies are finished with the introduction part of camp. Shalal has risen above all the rookie band members and is serving as one of the two rookie trumpet section leaders. He is playing first trumpet, which is a challenge by itself.

Photo received 9/7/14

In the recent photo received of the Talladega Band Trumpet Section, Shalal is shown in the front row on the right.

Talladega College at the Charlotte Battle of the Bands
Field Show 08/23/14

Shalal's Career Highlights

Participation Alumni Reunion

Shalal at Cheney

HS Senior Awards

Auditioning For Cheney

Trumpet Co-Captain
Fall 2012

Our Alumni know they are always part of our EOUMB family, are always welcome home, and will always have our loyalty and support as they move on from college and into their future careers.

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