Shalal Adolphe Will Represent
East Orange and Talladega Tornadoes

at the
Presidential Inauguration
on January 20th, 2017

We are proud to announce that the Talladega Tornado Marching Band will be performing at the Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 20th, 2017 to help celebrate with President Donald J. Trump in Washington, DC. EOUMB Alumnus and Graduate of Cicely Tyson High School in East Orange, Shalal Adolphe, who is now studying at Talladega U, will be marching with the Tornado Band and we will be watching the TV news closely to catch sight of him in the crowd.

It won't be easy to spot him in that huge Band, but we'll give you some clues as to what to look for.

Shalal has been playing the trumpet ever since he joined the East Orange Unified Marching Band in 2009 at Cicely Tyson High School, so you'll have to look at the trumpet section to see him in the Talladega Band. Hint - he doesn't look like the above photo any more!

In his senior year at Cicely Tyson School, Shalal auditioned on the trumpet for Professor Allen Gardner of Cheyney University. Shalal was accepted for a scholarship on the spot. So that's another clue; he not only plays the trumpet, he plays the trumpet VERY WELL!

After a year at Cheyney, Shalal felt he was being held back as a musician, so he took charge of his own education and in August of 2014, he transferred to Talladega College in Alabama. Even though he was considered a "rookie", he soon was promoted to the first trumpet position. So now you are looking and listening for a VERY, VERY good trumpet player! It's still not going to be an easy hunt because Talladega Band has a great many trumpeteers who are also VERY, VERY good!

In January of 2015, The Talladega Band competed in the Honda Battle of the Bands, as did North Carolina A&T. What a coincidence! We happen to have another very talented former EOUMB player in that band, Alumna Aysia Kelly. Our two Alumni met up as their respective bands were waiting to perform. That was in 2014, but both colleges are once again competing in the 2017 Honda Battle on January 28th, so go see them HERE, along with Alcorn and Prairie View where we also have Alumni finishing college. Your clue here is to see what Shalal looks like in his Talladega Band uniform. The photo on the right shows Shalal at that 2015 Battle of the Bands.

In March of 2015, Shalal met up with Alumna Kerrianne Wallace, from Alcorn State University at the Orpheus Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans.

In spite of all the controversy over the Talladega Band playing at President Trump's Inauguration, most Americans think it's a fine idea and wish them well. It's not just another parade; they are truly going to be a part of history.

01/20/17 Well, here they are! This is going to be more difficult than I imagined! We may have to wait for more photos. The above was taken from C-Span off the television set and is too blurry to identify individuals.

Talladega Footage From C-Span

Talladega Band At Presidential Inauguration Parade 01/20/17 from James Gerrish on Vimeo.


Youtube Complete Parade Footage From Fox News

Talledaga Footage from Fox News begins at 1:12:10


Youtube Talladega Footage from

Talladega College Departs for Trump Inauguration


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