Summer Break 2015 Homecomings


Photo by Frederick Goode

Bria Douglas is home from Prairie View University in Texas, so naturally, she stops in on an EOUMB rehearsal and brings the band members up to date on college life in general and college band in particular.

We'll add more photos and news as Alumni drift in and out over the summer. At this date, the band is getting ready for the East Orange Memorial Day Parade and can use all the time and help that the Alumni usually so generously give.

Head Count - Left to Right beneath the numbers: 1 David Friday, 2 Janelle Jacobs, 3 Neil Davis, 4 Kaimairya Cuffee, 5 Bria Douglas, 6 Allan Johnson, 7 Michael Gray, 8 Shakquel Peters, 9 Adnett Tomlinson, 10 Denzel Thompson, 11 Dashaun Hinson, 12 Isaac Davis. #13 is Khalil Welch who arrived late and was inserted into the photo by computer "magic."

This was taken at the "After Party" Backyard Barbecue hosted by Ms Saez and Band Director Frederick Goode.

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