Brass Ensemble 02/23/14

The DSU Brass Ensemble gave some of the residents of Milford a delightful musical afternoon as they presented a concert at Reformation Lutheran Church.

The DSU Brass Ensemble: (L-R) Bri'Yahn Ritchie - Trumpet, Hakeem Nabi - French Horn, Denzel A. Thompson-Williams - Tuba, Devon Schlegel - Trombone and Neil Davis - Trumpet.


DSU Brass Ensemble Performs Concert in Milford


Posted: February 25, 2014

The DSU Brass Ensemble converted musical notes into tuition support as it performed a Feb. 23 concert at the Reformation Lutheran Church of Milford.

Calling themselves the Scholarship Brass Quintet, the musicians did a ten-selection Sunday afternoon concert in the sanctuary of the church in front of an appreciative gathering of music lovers. The music performance included classical compositions from J.S. Bach, Samuel Scheidt and Gustav Holst, jazz numbers from Fats Waller and Lew Pollack, and other selections as well.

The quintet performed the concert underneath the glow of sunlight that streamed upon them from the sanctuary’s tall stained glass windows; and their brass notes resonated brilliantly in the wonderful acoustics of the church.

The concert represented a homecoming for ensemble trombonist Devon Schlegel, who grew up in Milford. The senior student served as the concert emcee and was joined by ensemble members Neil Davis on trumpet, Bri’Yahn Ritchie on trumpet, Hakeem Nabi on French horn and Denzel A. Thompson-Williams on tuba.

Dr. Patrick Hoffman is the ensemble’s advisor.

The DSU Brass Ensemble: (L-R) Neil Davis, Devon Schlegel, Denzel A. Thompson-Williams, Hakeem Nabi and Bri'Yahn Ritchie.


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