Delaware State University Marching Band

Honors Day


The DSU Marching Band was invited to play at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington, DE for their Honors Day Alumni & Basketball Celebration. Our photographer arrived just in time to take a few photographs and video record their final musical selection before they boarded the bus to head back to the DSU Campus.

Playing in the band are four EOUMB Alumni. On trumpet is Desmond Drake. Playing baritone horn is Natalie Tomlinson. On sousaphone is Jorge Vega, and hidden in the back row on the right is Dominique Turnage playing cymbals. You might have better luck picking them out of the crowd in the video below.

Delaware State University Marching Band in Peformance 2/22/18 from James Gerrish on Vimeo.


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