Delaware State University (DSU) Graduation

May 17, 2015

Photo by Frederick Goode

It has been raining in Delaware this morning, but not enough to stop the graduation ceremony. EOUMB Director Frederick Goode has traveled to Delaware to see his DSU Alumni, and especially to see Denzel Thompson who is graduating this morning.

Photo by Frederick Goode

Denzel is somewhere in that crowded audience. One of those sousaphones on the ground behind the band is his, but which one?

Photo by Frederick Goode

The chances of spotting Denzel in this crowd seem hopeless, but Mr. Goode begins to search for clues.

Photo from DSU YouTube Video

The graduation ceremony was video recorded by DSU. In the video, you can see and hear the Band and Choir, and watch the complete three hour ceremony.


Photo by Frederick Goode

Mr. Goode was able to spot Denzel when he came out of the audience to play with the band. Denzel is just putting on his sousaphone over his black robe. See if you can see him in the above video now that you know what to look for.

Photo by Frederick Goode

Afterwards, it was just a matter of following Denzel back to his seat in the audience.

Photo by Frederick Goode

Then, Mr. Goode followed Denzel as he went back up to the podium to receive his diploma and shake hands with all of the college faculty presiding there.

Photo by Frederick Goode

New graduate and now an alumnus of both Delaware State University AND EOUMB, Denzel Thompson holds his hands up in victory as he arrives back at his seat.

Photo by Elijah Goode

Once the ceremony is finished, Mr. Goode (and son Elijah, who took the photo) make their way through the crowd for a brief meeting to congratulate the new graduate.

Photo by Frederick Goode

Mr. Goode also met with, and photographed, Alumna Adnett Tomlinson, whose head we can see briefly in the video of the band, but here she is in person.

Photo by Frederick Goode

As long as he was on campus, Mr. Goode's son Elijah, who has just graduated from Clifton High School, decided he would sign up for a scholarship to Delaware State University. One never knows where these things will lead. Perhaps one day we'll see him up on the podium accepting a diploma.

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